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We are the dedicated photo album community #1.
Born out of Stockholm, Sweden - The Northern Kingdom.

Create Beautiful, Epic Albums, keep them private and secure - share the full story of your days, your moments and your life.

Memory lane starts here.

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Peter Jundin (CEO, co-founder)

Peter Jundin is the CEO and co-founder of Memry, a community focused on albums & album creation, of both photos and videos, making it easy to create beautiful epic albums, and sharing them with friends and family.

Peter is responsible for the company's vision and strategy as well as day-to-day operations.

Since the beginning, Peter and Pelle has focused on making Memry what it is today - simple yet creative. Our common mission is to make Memry the Nr.1 social platform for telling full stories, when you want to create and share more than one photo or video.

Prior to founding MEMRY, Peter was a performance marketing manager at Vivaki / Starcom Mediavest Group, in Sweden, Stockholm.

Pelle Kjellqvist (CCO, co-founder)

Pelle is the creative lead and co-founder of Memry. His role focues on design, user experience and making sure the quality and feel is awesome.

Prior to founding Memry, Pelle worked as an Art Director in advertising and before that, studied Digital Media at Hyper island.



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September 2015

MEMRY – The Swedes who challenge Facebook!

With an explosion of number of pictures and videos taken, the Swedish Start-up MEMRY now challenge Facebook on creating and sharing Albums!


The founders of MEMRY – Peter Jundin and Pelle Kjellqvist were on the music festival Way Out West in Gothenburg, Sweden, when they first came up with MEMRY. Peter and Pelle was sitting on the train back to Stockholm, going through all the good photos and videos they been taking over the weekend. However, they didn’t want to spam their Instagram feed neither did they want to share their moments to Facebook, which have become a hysteria of links and advertising, as well as people they hardly know. It was cool to have thousands of friends a couple of years ago, but not any longer

Then and there, late summer 2013, the idea to MEMRY was born. A social platform where users easily can create beautiful, epic albums, combining both photos and videos in the same album, that can either be shared with friends and family or just kept private

Today MEMRY has a team of 10 people in total, live on AppStore, launching Android in October, to conquer the world ☺



The CEO of MEMRY, Peter Jundin, explains further that there is approximately 180% higher interaction rate on the album format than single photos and status updates. People love albums, telling the full story of their travels, weddings, birthdays etc. Also adding value to smaller events, like dinners, nights out with friends or spending time with your children

Through MEMRY, we also solve people’s problems with the storage of their photos and videos, by being sorted into albums. All MEMRY albums created, are automatically stored in the MEMRY Cloud, so our users always have their important and most precious moments safely stored, even if you would delete the photos and videos on your phone because of lack of space, or by mistake

According to a new survey from august 2015, made by the Swedish research institute Novus in Stockholm, more than 50% of all survey attendees (3.038 people), had the problem of running out of space on their smartphones, which means not being able to take any more photos or videos. The majority of these people (73%) deleted their old photos and videos, in order to take new photos and videos

The future of MEMRY includes a web based photobook function, printing physical photobooks out of your MEMRY albums, launching in Q4 2015, together with one of the world leading companies within supply chain, print and packaging and e-commerce – Elanders Group. Within 90 seconds, you will be able to create a photobook of selected MEMRY albums, sent to your location, all around the world